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The challenge: write and film yourself performing an original monologue that is no longer than 60 seconds.


no set style.

edited however you like.

no specialist equipment needed.



The tHeme:  

New Year's Resolution

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congratulations to our three winners...

Kelly Griffiths (she/her)

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"Hiya everyone, I’m Maggie and I’m a Doggoholic. Thank you. I first started dog snatching about 4 years ago. I’ve got to take control, when I see an owner that clearly doesn’t know what they’re doing, I’ve just got to do something about it, you know? My first was this old woman who was as blind as a bat, didn’t know what she was doing and she had this gorgeous golden Lab’. I just thought, I’ve got to do something by ‘ere. So, I took my scissors to the park, cut the harness and took him home with me. Gunther, I called him. I name all my dogs after the characters in friends, I love the show! Not as much as I love dogs mind. But anyway, one thing led to another and I’ve got 42 now and I’m kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel with characters names kind of thing. So, yeah, I thought I’d start my new year with a resolution that I’ll cut down on my doggolism."

KELLY HAS spent TWELVE years as a professional actress and battling against being “problematically tall” (direct quote from a casting director!) SHE decided to start writing HER own material to suit HER casting. This is the first writing competition SHE HAS ever entered. 

Fiona BRANson (SHE/HER)

Fiona Branson is a disabled actress/musician/writer living with Ehlers Danlos. As an actress, she has previously appeared in 'Eastenders' and 'Silent Witness' for the BBC, (cv on Spotlight), and as a writer, was longlisted for the Old Vic 12, for her script 'Fox!', initially developed with the Royal National Theatre. She's also a lifelong devotee of outdoor swimming!

"Every New Year it’s the same bloody story, you know. They turn up, in their wetsuits, New Year’s Day, like they’re the first person who’s ever swum, ever – and the rest of us poor folk, you know, like the elderly, the disabled, who are in that pool every day, day in, day out, 365 days of the year, well. We’re as nothing. Because the Boys with the Wet Suits have turned up on New Year’s Day, and then there we are! Pushed out of the way, treated like irrelevant scum. While They swim up and down, and talk in very loud voices about their ‘New Years Resolution’ about how they’re ‘Making the Change’. Make the Change? They wouldn’t know how to live through it were they a woman – I tell you that for nowt."

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Cressida Peever (she/her)

Before the pandemic, cressida was writing predominantly for immersive theatre, and had two productions of her immersive work that ran at The Vaults in London waterloo. When the pandemic broke, all of her work was cancelled, and she had just left her day job to pursue writing full time. In the time since, she has begun writing for the screen for the first time. she made her first short film for the RTS Futures 48 Hour Film Challenge last summer, which was chosen as a finalist. This is her second short film. she is currently developing her first TV series with Woolyback productions.

"This year, I told myself, things would be different: no more on-again, off-again, will-we-get-back-together-again? It’s too painful. It’s exhausting, it’s–. It’s even more exhausting than this, actually. And what’s worse is I don’t think you feel like this at all: the way my heart soars in my throat when I so much as look at you, but always with that awful, sick, gnawing, feeling in my stomach that says, “Am I enough today? Am I enough?” Before I knew you, I knew– I knew that I had so much to–. And I need to get back to that, hence the… She spins and gesticulates, showing us her surroundings. …Spending time with myself; with my thoughts. But I’m so, so, lost. I mean physically, actually lost. And I have no one else to call."

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We loved watching all your monologues...
Thank you so much to everyone who entered!

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