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Photo by Natalya Micic

Miniver Theatre was founded with the intention to create innovative and thought-provoking pieces of new writing - pieces that explore how love shapes us as individuals through the many forms it can take. Wonderful and obsessive. Dependable and dangerous.

A crucial aspect of Miniver Theatre is the investigative nature of our work. Our productions create an intriguing rapport between the audience and morally questionable yet undeniably relatable anti-heroes.


We do this in order to engage the public in a conversation about the most undesirable elements of love. Love can undoubtedly be wonderful but is often presented as a perfect intangible ideal.


We aim to challenge that.


Are we all looking for love because we want to or because we feel we should? Our productions investigate the ugly aspects of love, the undesirable emotions love brings out in each of us that remain unspoken. Taboo.


Emotions that we all try to desperately keep hidden.


What happens when love overlaps into ownership? When desire warps into obsession? How can pure, unconditional love be the most painful force imaginable?

Photo by martha lloyd

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