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Photo by Paul Seaby

At This Stage

A dark meta-theatrical thriller about obsession

and the unavoidable ephemeral nature of


Have you ever loved a show so much that you

wished you could kidnap all the actors, keep

them in your basement and get them to perform

it again for you? No? Just Rupert?

A troupe of young actors are ready and willing to let go of

their most recent production and move on to bigger and

better things, but Rupert isn’t going to let that happen. He

can’t let the show die. There are a few things you should

know when trying to save a play from death. Thing number

one: the actors aren’t gonna like it.


At This Stage is a play which

gleefully, and knowingly, joins

the millenia-old queue of

those commentating on

the gap between life

and art.

Image by Joe Woods


06 OCTOBER 2019

Old Red lion Theatre London
24 november 2019

Applecart Arts Theatre London
02 November 2019

Shoebox Theatre Swindon
12 October 2019


Absolutely incredible, easily the best show I’ve seen at the fringe. I felt I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.The actors were amazing and believable and the storyline was so different.

Audience review



Photo by Paul Seaby


Writer &

Director Megan Young

Lighting and Sound design &

operator Robyn bedford

Stage manager Roma radford

producer andrei cotocu


Rupert Connor Mcphee

colin lewis grimshaw

maisie bridget russon

tiff lizzi egan

red andrei cotocu

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