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Love You & Leave You (Dead)

Mandy is in love. She knows if anything was to happen to Cal, she wouldn’t be able to live with the pain. Or maybe she could, if she’s the one to kill hER.

In an effort to control the unbearable pain of losing a loved one, Mandy decides to be the one to kickstart the grieving process and instigate the loss herself—by killing her girlfriend Cal.

When Cal comes home from the hospital after suffering from a nearly-exploded appendix, Mandy is forced to question the mortality of her girlfriend. She considers the undeniable eventuality that one day, Cal might unwillingly leave Mandy through her own death.

With a few weeks bedrest on the cards, babysitting Cal becomes dominated by an internal struggle: Wouldn’t the pain of loss be so much easier to survive if she knew it was coming? If she was prepared for it?

poster design by mariella bucci

A dark comedy about modern relationships and obsessive love.



'The Scratch' - Wooden arrow productions @Young actors theatre London

29 february 2020

Scratch night - Theatre in the pound Scratch @ cockpit theatre London

20 april 2020

full performance - from the fringe @ new wimbledon theatre London

16 june 2020

Esther Thomas 

Jennifer Johnson


Writer Megan Young

producer andrei cotocu


Lighting and Sound

design operator Robyn bedford


Mandy Esther Thomas

Cal Jennifer Johnson

Photography by Ledi Maiello