Minute Monologue

As England moves into its second lockdown, and other places around the UK face strict COVID-19 related restrictions, we at Miniver Theatre decided to once again inspire creativity during this time of uncertainty.

It’s time for another Minute Monologue and we hope that it provides a bit of enjoyment – and potentially offers a small bit of financial help – to fellow theatre makers while the pandemic continues.

The theatre industry may be struggling at the moment but hopefully this competition will once again get those creative juices flowing…


Miniver theatre's

The tHeme:  


The challenge: write and film yourself performing an original monologue that is no longer than 60 seconds using the theme 'Unfamiliar'.


  • Entrants must be 16 and over.

  • Writers may only submit one filmed monologue each.

  • submitted original content must belong to the writer. 

  • Monologues must be unproduced and unpublished.

  • We can only accept submissions from those in the UK or Ireland.

  • submissions must be made through the google form linked below  if you have technical issues then please send your entry to minivertheatre@gmail.com with the subject 'Miniver Theatre's Minute Monologue'. 

  • The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence with individual participants will be entered into. 

We want monologues that really make us feel for the character featured. We want to love your character! We want to hate your character! we want monologues that inspire real emotion. it will be the entries that affect us the most that will be chosen as the three winners. Our theme may be broad but we want to inspire as many people as possible to get creating.

no set style.

edited however you like.

no specialist equipment needed  feel free to use your phone.

There will be three winners and each will receive a prize of £50. 

The competition will close at midnight on the 23rd november 2020 and any submissions made after then will not be considered. Please do make sure you submit your entry with plenty of time to spare in case an issue arises. If you have any questions then please do feel free to email us at minivertheatre@gmail.com. We can't wait to enjoy your submissions...

Good Luck!

Check out our winners from the last competition...

Nansi Love

nansi is a young actress who has mainly done off West End productions at venues like Theatre Peckham and Etcetera Theatre along with dabbling in short films, but with a passion for writing and producing her own work also. she is Currently in the process of writing a play and building up her network.

"But I was just on this app - Depop? No the one I sell clothes on babe, Anyway I got this message from this guy. So it was from this guy and he had sent me a private message asking to buy my underwear. Like offering a hundred quid a pair, it was insane. And you know me normally I’d just delete it but then I thought - wait a minute that’s more than I make in a day at the cafe ya know and all I’d have to do is wear some primark thong, so I replied to him and said I’d think about it because I wanted to ask you first/ No I don’t know him/ Of course he’s a stranger don’t be stupid as if/ You know I’m not calling you / PAUSE Anyway I just thought it was funny Right yeah It was a dumb idea I’m sorry."

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mandi chivasa

mandi has experience Acting with the National Youth Theatre. She also has experience writing through the  Royal Court New Writers Group.

"Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe. This is what my mind is always thinking about. Breathe. That thing that’s always at the back of my head. Swallow. It’s like these thoughts don’t seem to leave me alone. Breathe- and swallow. But how about if I forget? How about if one day I didn’t remember to swallow? Swallow- and breathe. Would I start drooling like a river until I drowned in my own saliva? Swallow. Or if I forgot to breathe? Would my body suffocate itself just because I’m the idiot who forgot to inhale enough oxygen to keep it alive? Just breathe. These are the thoughts that occupy my mind. Breathe. That no one can seem to understand. Breathe. They run at 100 miles per hour- especially at night. Breathe. When no one else is around. Just breathe. I know I think about these things more than what anyone would consider normal. In this prison I’ve built for myself... I’m scared I might forget... to breathe."

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George Jack

GEORGE HAS trained on the foundation course at the Oxford School of Drama. HE HAS also performed in several progressional performances associated with Phoenix Theatre Arts based in Essex and Hertfordshire.

"So I had this little toy rabbit when I was younger. It was a gift from when I was born. I later named him B, B for Bunny. I literally brought him everywhere with me, like, literally everywhere, like I wouldn’t even let my mum wash him cos then I didn’t want the smell to go. But I later lost him and I got proper upset with my mum and I think I said “oh I’ll run away if you didn’t find him” Think I was like 9. Then i was in secondary school and I was mates with this guy and we used to go into his back garden and smoke after-school and his little sister used to have rabbits in the garden and one day he stubbed his cigarette out on one of the rabbits and I fucking lost it. Started punching him, got proper angry at him. He made my life hell at school after that. Two weeks ago I was going through my mums old stuff, and I came across little B the bunny. I honestly think that’s why I’m here- that’s why I wanna give up."

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